18x9.5 Kano Chrome +22mm - HulkOffsets

Anovia 18x9.5 Kano Chrome +22mm

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18x9.5 Kano Chrome +22mm - HulkOffsets

Anovia 18x9.5 Kano Chrome +22mm

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Anovia 18x9.5 Kano Chrome +22mm



Brand Anovia
Model Kano
Partnumber ANO108189551142273CH
Color Chrome
Backspacing 6.12
Offset +22
Wheel Diameter 18
Wheel Width 9.5
Hub Bore 73.10
Load Rating 1550
Wheel Exposed Lugs Yes
Wheel Material Rotary Forged
Weight 20
Wheel Structure One Piece
Wheel Spoke Number 7
Bolt Patterns 5x4.5
True Directional No
Other Colors Chrome, Gunmetal Grey

Introducing the Anovia Kano, a wheel that combines style and elegance to enhance the appearance of your vehicle. Created by the renowned brand Anovia, the Kano 18x9.5 is designed to make a lasting impression on the road. The Chrome color option adds a touch of sophistication and shine, instantly transforming the look of your vehicle. The Anovia Kano features a sleek and modern design, with attention to detail that sets it apart from the rest. The polished Chrome finish gives it a glossy and reflective surface, catching the light and turning heads wherever you go. The Kano wheel is designed with both aesthetics and performance in mind. With a diameter of 18 inches and a width of 9.5 inches, it strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality. The carefully crafted spokes add a touch of elegance and visual appeal, elevating the overall look of your vehicle. The Anovia Kano is not only about looks; it also offers exceptional performance. With a sturdy one-piece structure, it ensures durability and stability on the road. Whether you're navigating city streets or cruising down the highway, the Kano wheel delivers a smooth and comfortable driving experience. Upgrade your vehicle with the Anovia Kano and experience the difference it can make. The Chrome color option adds a touch of luxury and sophistication, making a statement wherever you go. With its sleek design and exceptional performance, the Kano wheel is a perfect choice for those seeking both style and functionality.

With a backspacing of 6.12 inches and an offset of +22mm, the Kano ensures a precise fitment for your vehicle, guaranteeing optimal performance and handling. The hub bore of 73.10mm and a load rating of 1550 lbs provides peace of mind, ensuring the wheel can handle the demands of your journeys. While not true directional, the Kano 18x9.5 wheel maintains a consistent and cohesive appearance from any angle, exuding a sense of balance and harmony. This design feature ensures that your vehicle looks sleek and polished, capturing the attention of onlookers wherever you go. In addition to the Chrome color, the Kano wheel is also available in Gunmetal Grey, offering alternative options to suit different vehicle styles and preferences. Unleash the full potential of your vehicle with the Anovia Kano, a wheel that seamlessly blends style, performance, and reliability. Whether you're cruising through city streets or embarking on a thrilling adventure, the Kano is the perfect companion, taking your ride to new heights of sophistication and exclusivity. Experience the sleek elegance of the Kano and make a lasting impression on the road.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Tim D.

I went with the +22 offset and wrapped them with some 265/70 Kenda's. It sticks out the fender well. Very happy with my purchase items came packed very well with no damage. Looks beautiful!

Lucas D.

I am so glad that I purchased this set of wheels. I can't even describe how happy I am with the look of the wheels on my car. They are priced very fairly and look absolutely amazing. They came packaged nicely and arrived quickly.

Eddie B.

I love these wheels. They do the trick and look great. I have done some medium off-roading since purchased, and they have held up well. Easy to clean. The packaging was exceptional.

Scott L.

These rims were a perfect offset to eliminate any rubbing on control arms, and they don’t poke out too far to look stupid like some guys do to their cars. They are light and still have good braking power without needing to upgrade to heavier breaks. I get compliments all the time! Great product

Michael W.

Totally pleased with the quality and price of these wheels. They arrived earlier than expected, and the packaging was top-notch. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. I get lots of compliments on the look.