22x12 Mandela Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges -51mm - HulkOffsets

Arkon Off-Road 22x12 Mandela Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges -51mm

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22x12 Mandela Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges -51mm - HulkOffsets

Arkon Off-Road 22x12 Mandela Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges -51mm

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Arkon Off-Road 22x12 Mandela Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges -51mm



Model Mandela
Partnumber K15120201745
Color Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges
Backspacing 4.49
Offset -51
Wheel Diameter 20
Wheel Width 12
Hub Bore 125.50
Load Rating 3600
Wheel Exposed Lugs Yes
Wheel Material Alloy
Weight 37.00
Wheel Structure One Piece
Wheel Spoke Number 8
Bolt Patterns 5x5.5, 6x135, 6x5.5, 8x170, 8x180, 8x6.5
True Directional Yes
Other Colors Gloss Black with Milled Spoke Edges, Satin Black

The Arkon Off Road Mandela wheel model is an outstanding addition to the brand's collection of off-road wheels. This wheel is available in a swish gloss black end with milled spoke edges that give it an aggressive yet delicate appearance. This 20x12 wheel has a diameter of 20 inches and a width of 12 inches, which makes it an extremely good choice for larger off-street cars. It has a backspacing of 4.49 inches and an offset of -51mm making sure that it suits flawlessly on quite a number of vehicles without inflicting any clearance troubles. The Mandela wheel has a hub bore of 125. 50, which means that it'll be healthy flawlessly on cars with equal hub length. The wheel has a load score of 3600 lbs, making it a long-lasting choice that could withstand harsh driving conditions. This wheel has eight spokes that deliver an awesome and elegant look. The spokes are nicely-designed and offer stability in shape and function. Moreover, the wheel is made from brilliant alloy material, making it lightweight, but long-lasting.

The Arkon Off Road Mandela 20x12 wheel is a one-piece shape with exposed lugs, adding to its rugged appeal. It has a weight of 37 lbs, which is enormously lightweight, making it super desirable for off-road enthusiasts who prioritize performance and speed. The Mandela wheel is to be had in different finishes consisting of satin black, which presents enthusiasts with a choice to customize their automobile's appearance. The wheel is genuine directional, making sure that it affords regular overall performance and management on any terrain. In short, this wheel is available in bolt patterns of 5x5.5, 6x135, 6x5.5, 8x170, 8x180, and 8x6.5, making it a flexible alternative for more than a few off-road vehicles. So Mandela is an impressive choice for the fans who prioritize style, overall performance, and sturdiness.

Customer Reviews

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Liam Bond

I can't believe the difference these wheels have made. My car now handles like a dream and the ride is much smoother. The wheels are also durable and look great on my car.

Edward Jones

These wheels have completely transformed my car's appearance. They are sleek and stylish, and have made my car stand out. Plus, the handling and performance are top-notch.

Brian Hart

I wasn't sure if upgrading my car's wheels would make a noticeable difference, but I was pleasantly surprised. These wheels have made the ride smoother and the handling more precise. They are also visually appealing.

Carl Graham

If you're looking to upgrade your car's wheels, look no further. These wheels provide excellent handling, stability, and performance on the road. Plus, they are stylish and give your car a unique look.