Moto Metal wheels

Introduction To Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal wheels are renowned for their bold, standout design, appealing to those celebrating rugged individuality and an unconventional lifestyle. Launched in 2002, this brand caters to the rebels and the nonconformists of the automotive world. With wheels crafted to disrupt the typical and embrace the wild, Moto Metal symbolizes rebellion against the mundane. It speaks to a community that values uniqueness and a collective defiance against societal norms.

Why are Moto Metal wheels so durable, you ask? The answer lies in their material composition. While Moto Metal wheels, like many others, are manufactured in China, their construction primarily uses steel and aluminum. Steel offers the toughness and repairability needed for rough terrains, whereas aluminum provides a lightweight yet strong structure, making it the most preferred material for wheels.

In addition to their robust construction, Moto Metal wheels embody an aesthetic of eclectic rebellion. They are not created for everyone but for those who dare to stand out. The manufacturing process ensures high quality and durability, making them perfect for truck enthusiasts and off-road adventurers. Whether cruising the city streets or exploring rugged landscapes, Moto Metal wheels are designed to make a statement while providing reliable performance.

Are Moto wheels any good?

If you're searching for wheels that deliver flair and function, consider Moto Metal Wheels. Known for their striking designs and superior engineering, Moto Metal Wheels are a favorite among car enthusiasts and daily drivers. Their popularity stems from a unique blend of aesthetic appeal and reliable performance, making them a standout choice in the automotive world.

Types of Moto Wheels

Moto Metal MO970

The MO970 is a versatile wheel that combines rugged styling with a modern twist. It comes in sizes ranging from 16x8 to 22x10 inches, accommodating a variety of vehicles. Colors include gloss black, machined with black accents, and Silver. The bolt patterns offered are 5x114.3, 6x135, and 8x170, ensuring compatibility with numerous vehicle types. This wheel is ideal for those seeking a bold, assertive look without sacrificing functionality.

Moto Metal MO962

The MO962 is known for its aggressive, deep lip design. It caters to a broad audience and is available in wheel sizes such as 18x10, 18x12, 20x9, 20x12, and 22x14 inches. Colors range from chrome to gloss black with milled accents, providing a sharp, eye-catching finish. Bolt patterns include 5x150, 6x139.7, and 8x180, making it suitable for various trucks and SUVs. The MO962 is perfect for those who want a standout wheel that complements a robust vehicle build.

Moto Metal MO985 Breakout

The MO985 Breakout features a clean, sophisticated design with an industrial feel. This model is available in sizes like 17x9, 18x9, 20x9, 20x10, and 20x12 inches. The wheel colors include chrome and gloss black, offering a sleek, modern look. Bolt patterns of 5x127, 6x120, and 8x165.1 make it highly adaptable. The Breakout is ideal for drivers looking for a stylish upgrade that reflects strength and precision.

Moto Metal MO951

The MO951 combines classic styling with contemporary details. It is available in sizes such as 16x8, 17x9, 18x9, 20x9, and 20x10 inches. This wheel comes in chrome and gloss black, perfect for enhancing the vehicle's appearance with elegance. With bolt patterns like 5x135, 6x114.3, and 8x170, the MO951 fits many cars and is particularly popular among traditional truck enthusiasts who appreciate a timeless look with modern capabilities.

Moto Metal MO402

The MO402 is crafted for the extreme off-roader who demands strength and performance. It comes in sizes including 20x10, 20x12, 22x10, 22x12, and 24x14 inches. The available colors are polished and gloss black, giving it a bold, assertive presence. Bolt patterns such as 5x139.7, 6x135, and 8x180 allow use on diverse off-road vehicles. The MO402 is the ultimate choice for adventurers seeking a wheel that stands up to challenging terrains while maintaining a distinctive style.

Suitable Vehicles for Moto Metal Wheels

Moto Metal wheels are the perfect choice for many vehicles, particularly those designed for performance and adventure. These wheels are ideally suited for trucks, SUVs, and off-road vehicles that require robust, durable wheels capable of handling challenging terrains and heavy-duty use. The aesthetic appeal of Moto Metal wheels complements the ruggedness of these vehicles, enhancing both their functionality and style. With their versatile designs and robust construction, Moto Metal wheels help elevate the driving experience for adventure seekers and performance enthusiasts alike.

Suitable vehicles for Moto Metal wheels include:

  • Ford F-150

  • Chevrolet Silverado

  • Dodge Ram 1500

  • Toyota Tacoma

  • ...Show More