XXR Wheels


XXR Wheels

XXR Wheels was started to fill a specific need in the market for car wheels. They noticed that most high-quality wheels were too expensive or not designed for the everyday car lover. XXR Wheels wanted to change that. They decided to create wheels that are not only affordable but also have an excellent design that car enthusiasts would love. This approach has helped them stand out and become popular among people who enjoy customizing their cars.

So, why should car fans care about what XXR Wheels offers? You want something that looks excellent and doesn't break the bank when trying to improve your car. XXR Wheels succeeds in producing fashionable wheels that are reasonably priced. More people will find adding personal touches to their vehicles simpler and enjoy their trips even more. 

When upgrading your car, you want something that looks great and doesn't break the wallet. XXR Wheels is successful in creating affordable, aftermarket wheels. Traveling will become even more enjoyable for more individuals as it will be easier for them to add unique touches to their cars. 

History of XXR Wheels

1976, XXR Wheels commenced operations and established its initial plant in 1978. Their committed efforts in the wheel manufacturing industry began with this move. They were selling wheels to Japan by 1983, demonstrating their expanding competence and attractiveness on a global scale. They started producing wheels, especially for auto manufacturers, the following year, 1984, which helped them grow their business even further. Due to their success, a second factory was opened in 1987, significantly increasing their production capacity.

In 1990, XXR Wheels continued to expand by introducing forged wheels, a notable development in wheel technology. They continued; in 1992, they opened a third-wheel factory. Their status as a significant participant in the wheel business was further cemented in 2003 with the opening of their fourth factory. In 2004, XXR Wheels unveiled a revolutionary 8" wide 0 offset wheel. Later, in 2010, they unveiled 1/4" wide wheels. These advancements solidified their reputation as the market leader with distinctive and long-lasting products.

Types of XXR Wheels

To accommodate the tastes of any auto enthusiast, XXR Wheels provides a range of styles. Models such as the XXR 580, XXR 582, and XXR 527R are well-liked for their distinctive designs. With unique features, the XXR 577, XXR 575, and XXR 571 offer more alternatives. The XXR 570 and XXR 567 are excellent options for people who like sleek and robust things. There is a perfect fit for everyone because each model adds something unique to your vehicle.

XXR 880 Wheels

The XXR 580 wheel comes in sizes 18x8.5 and 19x10, offering a high offset. It fits multiple cars with PCD options like 5x100, 5x108, and more. Available finishes include Gloss Black, Chromium Black, and Matte Bronze. These choices let you customize your ride's look to suit your style perfectly. Whether you prefer a sleek black or a bold bronze, the XXR 580 has you covered.

XXR 582 Wheels

The XXR 582 wheels are available in a range of sizes and coatings. Selecting between 18x8.5, 18x9.5, 19x8.5, or 19x10 is an option. They come with several PCD variants (5x108, 5x112, 5x4.5, and 5x120) and a significant offset in their design. You can choose from Chromium Black, Purple, and Gloss Black finishes. The XXR 582 wheels are fashionable and adaptable, making them ideal for any car enthusiast wishing to customize their vehicle.

XXR 527R Wheels 

The XXR 527R wheel comes in sizes 18x8.5 and 18x10, catering to different vehicle needs. It features a high offset and various PCD options, including 5x112, 5x4.5, and 5x120, making it versatile for other cars. The finishes available are Gloss Black, Chromium Black, Matte Bronze, and White, offering style choices for every preference. This model combines functionality with a sleek design, ensuring top-notch performance and aesthetics.

XXR 577 Wheels

The XXR 577 wheel fits various cars and is available in sizes like 18x8.5 and 19x10. It provides mid and high offsets to accommodate multiple styles. Different finishes, including Candy Red, Purple, Black, and Chromium, are available. The PCD possibilities, which fit many vehicles well, are 5x108, 5x112, and 5x4.5. This wheel is an excellent option for auto enthusiasts wishing to modify their trucks because it blends usefulness with a stylish appearance.

XXR 575 Wheels

The XXR 575 wheel comes in sizes like 18x8.5, 18x9.5, and 18x10.5. You can choose from high or mid offsets to fit your car's specs. It's available in bolt patterns, including 5x100, 5x108, 5x112, 5x120, and 5x4.5. For colors, you have options like Raven Black, Candy Red, and Classic Black. These choices make the XXR 575 versatile for personalizing your ride's look while ensuring a great fit.

Sizes of XXR Wheels

XXR Wheels offers diameters ranging from 15" to 20" to fit various cars. Thanks to this range, there...Show More