Luxxx Alloys


Introduction to Luxxx Alloy

Luxxx Alloy Wheels exemplify how tradition and modern advancement can coexist in the automotive sector. Magnesium alloys were first used in light-alloy wheels manufactured in the early automotive period. Even though these wheels gradually lost popularity in regular cars, during the 1960s, they were still preferred for racing due to their lightweight design. By the mid-to-late 1960s, alloy wheels that were lighter, stronger, and less brittle could be produced due to improvements in aluminum casting techniques.

However, why did Luxxx use aluminum rather than magnesium for their most recent designs? Aluminum's unique qualities hold the key to the solution. This metal provides an excellent strength-to-weight ratio for improving performance and fuel economy in contemporary cars. Aluminum is also less likely to corrode than magnesium, making it perfect for long-term durability and visual appeal.

Luxxx Alloy Wheels are renowned today for their innovative style and performance. Every wheel is designed to enhance the vehicle's looks and performance. These wheels are essential parts that greatly improve a car's efficiency, safety, and handling; they are not merely extras. Luxxx is a leader in the alloy wheel market, unwavering in its dedication to quality and innovation.

Suitable Cars for 20x8.5 Rims

The 20x8.5 rim size is a popular choice for drivers seeking a blend of performance and aesthetics. These rims fit various cars, enhancing visual appeal and driving experience. They are particularly suited for vehicles where a balance of sportiness and luxury is desired. Ideal for urban and performance-oriented driving, these rims help improve handling and stability. Suitable cars for 20x8.5 rims include:

  • Audi A4

  • BMW 3 Series

  • Cadillac CTS

  • Chevrolet Camaro

  • Dodge Charger

  • Ford Mustang

  • Honda Accord

  • Jaguar XF

  • Lexus ES

  • Mercedes-Benz C-Class

  • Nissan Maxima

  • Porsche 911

  • Subaru WRX

  • Tesla Model S

  • Toyota Avalon

  • Volkswagen Passat

  • Volvo S60

  • Acura TLX

  • Infiniti Q50

  • Mazda6


Types of Luxxx Wheels

Luxxx Alloy Wheels offers various models to suit vehicle aesthetics and performance needs. Among their popular types are Lux 3, Lux 6, Lux 7, Lux 8, Lux 10, Lux 22, Lux 26, Lux 31, and Lux 32. Each model boasts unique design features tailored to enhance your car's look and efficiency. Whether you're upgrading for style or performance, Luxxx has an alloy wheel that fits perfectly.

Lux 3 Wheels 

Luxxx Alloys' Lux 3 wheels come in stylish options like gloss black, black machined, or chrome. A leading aftermarket wheel manufacturer crafts this multi-spoke design. Available in 20", 22", 24", and 26" sizes, the Lux 3 model lets you customize the perfect look for your vehicle. Whether you prefer a sleek or bold finish, Lux 3 dramatically enhances your car's appearance.

Lux 6 Wheels

The Lux 6 alloy wheel from Lux Alloys stands out with its sleek design. This model features a deep lip and five spokes and is available in gloss black, black machined, or chrome. The Lux 6 is offered in sizes 20", 22", 24", and 26", ensuring a perfect fit for your vehicle. These wheels are crafted in various fitments including 20x8.5, 20x9.5, 22x8.5, 22x10, 24x9, 24x10, and 26x9.5, accommodating both 5 and 6 lug bolt patterns. Choose Lux 6 for a bold, transformative look.

Lux 7 Wheels

The Luxxx Alloys Lux 7 wheels redefine creativity with their sleek 7 split spoke design. In glossy black, black machined, black milled, or chrome finishes, these rims come in a variety of sizes: 18", 20", 22", 24", and 26". Designed to fit 5 and 6-lug bolt patterns, the Lux 7 wheels are offered in dimensions like 18x8, 20x8.5, 22x8.5, 22x9.5, 22x10, 24x9.5, and 26x10. These wheels combine modern aesthetics with versatility, catering to various personal styles and vehicle needs.

Lux 22 Wheels

Luxxx Alloys Lux 22 wheels elevate your vehicle's style beyond standard OEM rims. These wheels feature a twisted multi-spoke design in black milled or chrome finishes. You can choose sizes like 18", 20", 22", and 24" to match your preference. They accommodate...Show More