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TIS Wheels

TIS-Off Road, a Santa Fe Springs, California-based company, was established 2001 as TIS Wheels. The business extensively uses real truck owners' and enthusiasts' opinions and preferences. Their distinct approach to design has caused their popularity to soar. In the congested aftermarket wheel market, TIS Wheels has distinguished itself by providing clients with precisely what they desire.

Why do truck owners feel such a strong connection with TIS Wheels? It's easy: they pay attention. Truck owners desire durable wheels, but they also want wheels that are stylish and distinctively their own. TIS Wheels satisfies these needs by incorporating feedback from the real world into their product development process. This commitment to customer-centric design helps them create wheels that enhance a truck's look and performance.

TIS Wheels now provides many sizes and designs to accommodate various demands and preferences. Every wheel is expertly made with great care and attention to detail. TIS Wheels offers solutions that meet your needs, whether you want to improve your truck's street attractiveness or take it on rugged terrain. Their continuous dedication to innovation and client satisfaction keeps them at the forefront of the aftermarket wheel business.

Types of TIS wheels

Many models are available from TIS Wheels, such as the 554B, 555A, 556AB, 560BM, 563BS, and 565C. Every model has a distinct appearance and level of craftsmanship, meeting various performance requirements and style preferences. There is a TIS wheel to fit your choice for a sleek, contemporary style or a bold, robust appearance. Truck owners can pick the ideal wheels to complement their vehicle's performance and showcase their unique flair with these selections.

554B TIS Wheels

The 554B is a standout model among TIS Wheels' extensive lineup. It's designed for durability and visual impact. This wheel combines a rigid structure with a stylish finish, making it perfect for those who value both performance and aesthetics. The 554B enhances any truck with a modern, aggressive look, ideal for various driving conditions. It's a popular choice for drivers seeking to make a statement on the road.

555A TIS Wheels

The TIS 555A wheel is renowned for its unique style and durable build. It is appropriate for people who respect longevity and style. This wheel blends the durability required for off-road exploration with a sleek appearance. The 555A improves the look and performance of your car, making it the perfect accessory for truck fans. It's an excellent option for anyone wishing to add some refinement to their vehicle improvement.

556AB TIS Wheels

Among the TIS Wheels lineup, the 556AB stands out for its distinctive design. This model offers both durability and a sleek look, appealing to those who want their vehicle to make a statement. The 556AB combines modern aesthetics with robust functionality, which is ideal for drivers seeking style and performance. It's a top choice for enhancing your truck's appearance and driving experience.

560BM TIS Wheels

One model that stands out in the TIS Wheels collection is the 560BM. It has an attention-grabbing, contemporary design. This wheel is perfect for truck fans who like both performance and looks because it is made with durability and style. Because of its elegant black finish, which elevates any car, many people who want to modify their ride choose the 560BM.

563BS TIS Wheels

The 563BS model from TIS Wheels stands out with its striking design. It blends durability with a modern aesthetic that appeals to many. This wheel type suits truck owners who value both style and performance. Its robust build can handle harsh conditions while enhancing the vehicle's overall look. The 563BS is an excellent choice for those looking to make a statement on the road.

Sizes of TIS Wheels

To fit any car or taste, TIS Wheels come in various sizes. 16", 17", 18", 20", 22", 24", and 26" are the options available. Whether upgrading for performance or appearance, these alternatives provide a perfect fit. Bigger sizes accentuate your truck's visual effect and give a theatrical flair. If handling and utility are your top priorities, smaller diameters are fantastic. TIS offers the ideal size for you, regardless of your needs.

16 Inch  Wheels

To accommodate various vehicles and tastes, TIS Wheels provides a range of sizes, including the well-liked 16-inch wheels. For those looking to strike a mix between performance and style, these 16-inch alternatives are ideal. Because of their smaller diameter, they fit various vehicles and SUVs effectively and offer firm support and a smooth ride. TIS's 16-inch wheels are a dependable and fashionable option for any truck enthusiast, regardless of whether you're upgrading for practicality or flair.

17 Inch Wheels

TIS Wheels has a range of sizes, including well-liked 17-inch...Show More